Logo Design Case Study: Jays Art Online Logo

Before going to Q College for my web design training, I never really looked at logos or logo design, before and thought that some were cool, but never really paid any attention to them. I thank my Teacher Greg Szabo for opening my eyes to how wrong I was about logos. After taking my course I look at logos in a whole new light.

Now when I was trying to re-design a logo for my website jaysartonline.ca mid-term project. Something that would represent my brand. I had a hard time coming up with something that not only looks modern but is me in graphical form, with appealing colors, here is my process…


The First Step: Planning is Key

Is to plan…plan…plan,  and more planning. The more that I do before getting into the meat of the subject the more thought out my design will be. This area I have the most play, where all ideas will be put down pages and pages of sketches of ideas as you can see.

Lots of playing there, with lots of ideas that weren’t so strong but I had chosen one and it onto the next step.

The Second Step: Rough design in a vector program

Was to design it in Adobe Illustrator, using shapes, shape builder and points to achieve the look that I wanted. In Illustrator everything is vector so I am able to scale everything really large perfect for adding details.

I had played with some Ideas until I got to this.

The Third Step: Finishing Touches.

I had opened Photoshop to create an effect of paint turning into pixels.

Still Playing with some ideas, I had made an animated logo in photoshop. While the animation looks cool, the design of the logo is too robotic and cold for use as my brand logo design.

After all this work it had been pointed out that my Js like that look like Ts so it had spelled out TAO instead of JAO. I then tried a more handwritten style. The Js looked better, but I need to incorporate art into my logo design somehow.

Yet Jays Art Online has changed and is now way more than just a place for my art.  So I needed to begin a design a logo that will reflect that change. My conclusion is a logo design that is more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore this is the final design of my brand logo, it’s a more modern logo with my initials JMW.

In conclusion

My eyes have been opened to the complex world of logos and everything that goes into them.  From the colors, fonts, and the placement of elements. I have been continuing to learn more about logo design, looking at and breaking them down.

Most difficult part of this project is coming up with an idea that would represent me, I have to really think about what is unique about me. What colors represent me, which colors work well together. What fonts work with the logo, how readable is at small sizes. I did end up thinking way too much about this project, yet it was a nice little experiment and definitely a learning experience. It made me realize that I should learn more and more about logo design and design principals in general.


– Jason M Whalley


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