Logo Design Case Study: Aura Clothing Company 

Aura Clothing Company is a demo website created to show off my skills with an e-commerce website focused on fashion. It is modeled after my final project website for Q College, which that website is not ready to be launched yet.

You may view the Case Study on Aura Clothing Company or View the Web Site.

The First step on this project is to come up with a name. The first name I came up with is Fur de la Nature, which is French for Fur of Nature. Which the name is kind of ironic since the premises of the website is to sell fur clothing with faux fur. This is the logo for it…


The idea of that logo is that is made of leaves, with a handwritten style that I really enjoy. But I didn’t really like the logo, because it was really limited in what products I could display. I had also collected some stock images from websites such as www.pexel.com and www.unsplash.com so just having a fashion website that was just fur clothing was out of the question, so I needed a new name.

I had used a fashion website name generator and came up with Aura Clothing Company. This name works better with the concept of the website, as I was not limited to fur and it works with the colors changing the theme of the logo. I was thinking of the wondrous effect of the Aurora Borealis also know as the North Lights. With a suitable name picked I began to look at different fashion logos to study their design and I had found a design that I really like had emulated it. The final logo looks like this…

Desktop Logo

Mobile Logo

I had created this in Illustrator and played with some of the effects to create the look of the fuzzy material. With a white dashed border on the inside to simulate a stitch. A 45% angel gradient was created for a deeper effect. It was really coming together and create a stronger impression that the older logo. I now needed to add the lettering, I went for a handwritten look as this had more impact I felt. With the first letter of each word having a bolder look added more impact.

While the Mobile logo has been much more simplified, with it having only one color and just the initials of the company. While it is simplified it has the look of the desktop logo.

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